Harold and Dolores Wimmer

Harold and Dolores Wimmer came to West Point in 1957 because a fire had damaged the meat business that Harold’s parents and his brothers and he had started in a neighboring town. They were looking for a place that would welcome a young business and a young family. Harold and Dolores chose West Point because the people reached out and welcomed their family into the church, the schools, and the social fabric of the community.

The business community reached out with offers and ideas for a business location supported with quality trades and services and wonderful employees to get the business up and running.  Soon the Wimmer family was successfully settled in West Point.

As the years passed, Harold and others in the community began thinking of a way to make it possible for him and others to share in and continue the success that he and Dolores had enjoyed in West Point.

That search resulted in the formation in 1991 of the West Point Community Foundation. The Foundation was formed to provide a convenient, tax advantaged opportunity for people to, in Harold’s words, “give back to a community that has helped make us successful”. Harold died in 2009, but in the words of his son, Dave, “The success of the West Point Community Foundation is one of the things that he (Harold) and Dolores were very proud of.  They both see the Foundation as a way for us to ensure the bright future of West Point”.

Harold and Dolores are still part of passing the torch to our future!